This Agreement entered into between the WIB@Home customer (hereinafter called "the Customer") and The Windward Islands Bank Ltd. (hereinafter called "the Bank") is to define the terms and conditions, which govern the use of WIB@Home.


This is a secured website which the Customer can log on to make use of the following services offered:

A client of the Bank who has applied and been accepted for WIB@Home.

A third party that the Customer can send funds to. The beneficiary can be banking at the Bank, or at any other bank, either local or international.

User Id:
The code used by a Customer to identify himself on WIB@Home. The User Id, When used together with the corresponding Password and associated Additional Authentication, will allow the Customer to enter the WIB@Home website.

Each secret combination of numbers or letters selected by the Customer for his use alone, as a means of identifying him to use WIB@Home services after successful initial sign-on. Often referred to as customer selected password.

Additional Authentication:
Any additional authentication or verification mechanism used by the Bank or provided to the Customer to be used in conjunction with the User Id and Password to gain access to WIB@Home.

Electronic Signature:
The combination of User Id, Password and Additional Authentication that, if correctly specified, allows the Customer access to WIB@Home.

Active Accounts:
Are those accounts having Customer initiated transactions during the past 365 consecutive days, or Customer transaction privileges i.e.: not blocked.

Inactive accounts:
Are those accounts that have either not moved during the past 6 months, have been closed, or a blocked by the Bank.

A program that is used to view web pages on the Internet.

Auto Complete:
This is a feature in a browser whereby at the Customer can accept the browser storing the User Id and Password of a Customer of WIB@Home. Consequently, if any user subsequent to the Customer selects the WIB@Home site and with “Auto Complete” on, the user might get access to the User Ids and Passwords of the Customer which are stored by the browser.

Operational Requirements:
The following is required for the Customer to make use of WIB@Home:
Provision of these operational requirements and use of WIB@Home will be for the sole account and responsibility of the Customer.

Article 1

By enrolling in the WIB@Home Internet Banking Service, the Customer can use his assigned User Id, Password and Additional Authentication (all three in combination hereinafter called the "Electronic Signature") for access to his designated Accounts by computer or electronic device through the Internet. The Customer authorizes the Bank to accept his instructions given pursuant to the foregoing which instructions will constitute an authentic and indisputable instruction of the Customer to the Bank to carry out the Customer’s respective request(s) for service under the facilities of WIB@Home as if the Customer had given the instructions in writing to effect the relative transactions/instructions.

Article 2

Use of the WIB@Home services thru the appropriate use of the Electronic Signature to access WIB@Home, will confirm his unconditional acceptance of and agreement to the provisions of this agreement, the conditions for Bankomatiko users, the general conditions of the Bank as well as respective amendments thereof as issued from time to time by the Bank.

Article 3 Article 4 Article 5

The Customer will be able to print a transaction record or reference number for each WIB@Home financial transaction, unless otherwise requested.

Article 6

The Bank’s records will be considered to be correct and will be conclusive and binding upon the Customer in the absence of evidence to the contrary satisfactory to the Bank.

Article 7

WIB@Home transactions, which affect account status and balances, will be processed according to the Bank’s regular Business day and non-Business daytime tables.

Article 8

Article 9
Article 10
Article 11

The Bank may at any time if urgent reasons so require, without notice, and in other cases exercising a reasonable notification effort, vary, extend or limit the whole or any part of the services it offers the Customer through the use of the Electronic Signature on WIB@Home.

Article 12

The Bank can change the terms and conditions of this Agreement from time to time by adding, deleting or otherwise editing it in part or in full or can add special or other system operating conditions/requirements. Notice of additional or amended terms and conditions will be given to the Customer either in writing, addressed to the Customer at his last address on our records, thru the The Windward Islands Bank website, by e-mail and/or thru the WIB@Home website.

Article 13
Article 14
March 9, 2018